A.D. Languages In an increasingly globalized and multicultural society the improvement and use of foreign languages is crucial to everyone: whether individuals,

In an increasingly globalized and multicultural society the improvement and use of foreign languages is crucial to everyone: whether individuals, companies, organizations or public administrators. A.D. Languages can provide ample support in meeting this requirement, supporting businesses in the planning and execution of language training services abroad.
Language learning in a professional environment is often radically different to the traditional method. The professional world, in fact, foresees a variety of different situations, all of which have the same dynamics:

Achieving the objectives and the results

There is therefore a direct link between the performances of language training and that of the company or organization.
A.D. Languages aims to meet the specific business needs of each client, rendering employees autonomous, capable of carrying out their duties in a language other than their own. Grammar, for example, is taught as a means of communicating more efficiently, and is not in itself the only objective of the lessons.
The language training offered by A.D. Languages is designed to meet the exact specifications and needs of different professional sectors, providing participants not only general knowledge, but especially technical language suitable to their working environment.
Apart from English, many other languages such as French, German, Spanish, Italian for foreigners, Russian and Arabic are dealt with too.
A.D. Languages also offers Business language training abroad, with traditional individual or group courses and/or full immersions in numerous European and non-European countries.

As an authorized Exam Preparation Centre by the University of Cambridge, we offer training courses aimed at international certifications, such as ESOL Business English Certificates – BEC.


It is also important to note that A.D. Global Solution offers translation services, translating both from and into foreign languages thanks to our highly specialized translators with many years of experience in multiple sectors.


A.D. Languages‘ consolidated experience and synergy with its other A.D. Global Divisions provides ad hoc training projects, tailored to the needs of our clients and individual participants. In fact the presence of professional teachers, and experts in various professional sectors, permits the design and implementation of highly customized programs.



A.D. Languages provides its clients with all eventual solutions necessary in order to enable employees to:

  • Develop and improve language skills in various contexts and operating sectors, developing the skills needed in: listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, lexis.
  • Acquire and implement specific individual sector terminology in order to communicate efficiently in any work situation.
  • Strengthen their communication skills in foreign languages (please see Mind Map)

In addition to traditional courses, A.D. Languages offers language training devoted to specific work themes. These can be carried out in a variety of ways (classroom training, distance learning and mixed).
Examples of these, are courses, seminars and workshops providing deeper insights within HR, sales, finance, law, etc.

The following are some of the most successful courses:

Busy People

Cross Cultural Training

Exam Preparation

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