The E.R.A. Method

Today, A.D. Global Solution’s long experience with the design, development and realization of training operations finds expression in this new methodological model.
The A.D. Global Solution Method reinforces the company’s position in the education market, ensuring the excellence of the product / service offered to their clients, by:

A New E.R.A. is Born


Details of the three Phases


  • The Initial Assessment of the competences of the participants determined by observable and measurable behavior (This could be elaborated with the support of the client)
  • The Company or Team Profile retain the clear training needs of the business or team, the description of the strengths and the areas in need of improvement. It also holds information specific to the business and/or team (culture, values, business, goals, roles, and organization)

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The Realty phase is characterized by:

  • Awareness, the openness to a new understanding
  • Experience, the realization of a real, concrete and intense experience
  • Action Learning, understanding the experience through reflection and action
  • Action Plan, defined by a plan of action or best practice manual to be implemented in the workplace (training on the job)

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  • Final Assessment of participant skills
  • Follow-up of training provided
  • Feedback and gathering of results, ideas and solutions

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