A.D. Global Solution is structured to reach prefixed targets with its clients, optimizing timing and resources.
The principle components are:

The Training Specialists

Educators with ample understanding and multi-years of experience with a variety of backgrounds. They are entrusted with the coordination the following tasks:

  • Consulting
  • Planning
  • Organization
  • Monitoring
  • Supervision of the didactic activities

The Training Specialist takes a representational and sole- mediator role with the clients, easing the fluidity and efficiency of the relationship.
They also take on the role of teacher coordination to constantly evaluate and oversee the work done in the classroom.

The Teachers

The minimum requirements of our teachers:

  • In possession of one or more certifications, in any case, optimum qualification
  • Professional in the sector
  • Minimum three years’ teaching experience
  • Strong understanding of various professional environments
  • An understanding of the market
  • Constantly updated

Thus, all our teachers have the winning prerequisites to work in the world of corporate training, and with this, are capable of:

  • Directing the didactic material to the working context of the course participants
  • Guide the learning results towards the real application in the job activities
  • Respond efficiently to the needs of the business client
  • In order to maintain an elevated level of quality, A.D. Global Solution continually dedicates great care to train and update its teachers through:

  • Periodic meetings between teachers and the Training Specialist
  • Individual and group courses (both internal and external) to update and improve technical skills, as well as to develop both transversal and didactic skills
  • Training-on-the-job: Teachers with greater experience, acting as a tutor, will periodically flank other teachers in the classroom. This serves to fully evaluate the teacher’s skills and offer suggestions for improvement.
Operative Support and Advisor

Every business client of A.D. Global Solution has its own contact person in the Operative Support Office. The efficient support team at A.D. Global:

  • Guarantees excellence in their service
  • Coordinates the tasks assigned to them
  • Deals with providing reports, in both written and digital form (attendance reports, progress reports etc.), course logistics and the constant contact with the teachers, participants and client references

The office is always available via email or telephone, seven days a week, to respond to any needs or requests for information.

APF Administration for Financed Programs

A.D. Global Solution is education business accredited by the Region of Lombardy and has a thorough knowledge of the principle Joint Inter-Professional Funds (Fondi Paritetici Interprofessionali) and their regulations. Since the enactment of the first funds, it has become a point of reference for companies that want to take advantage of financed training in order to guarantee a complete assistance.
The company has a APF consulting service within its internal structure. Thanks to the fact that it can assist and support the business client, it can offer a ‘keys in hand’ solution that includes:

  • Needs analysis
  • Planning of training courses
  • Analysis and financial potential
  • Presentation of the finance request to the Fund
  • Delivery of the activity
  • Management and monitoring
  • Final report
  • The success of A.D. Global Solution in the training market is the result of:

  • Accurate planning
  • Assistance in drafting and subscription of accords with social parties
  • High level of specialization and experience as an implementing authority
  • Constant contact with the Funds
  • Dedicated Advisor
  • Punctual coordination of activities and monitoring
  • Careful documentation and detailed management and storage of documents and data to be forwarded to financial entities
  • Scrupulous reporting procedures

A.D. Global Solution keeps its business clients updated with regards to any new public announcements. Our company is capable of supplying the same preparations and advantages on a European scale.
The international vocation is reinforced by a direct relationship with the European Commission.
This direct channel of communication becomes constantly reinforced thanks to our development of training courses on a large scale basis and our ability to obtain financing directly from the CE.

Research and Selection

The selection service takes pride in its consolidated approach to the research and selection of business trainers from a vast assortment of backgrounds and professionalism in specific work areas.
The service is always working to find the best professionals and to employ them promptly in order to satisfy our clients’ training needs.
The choice of trainers is focused on determining the presence of three fundamental elements:

  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Didactic ability

The selection of professionals is given great attention, by gathering external information and references about the candidate and evaluating the teacher profile in terms of:

  • Study Certification and Diplomas
  • Years of experience as a teacher
  • Professional experience in specific business areas
  • Interpersonal and communication skills

The process of selection is not just a simple reaction to the request of a client. Instead, it anticipates and identifies the experts, both nationally and internationally, in all the specific areas of interest.
The preciseness of the process is strengthened by our Training Specialist who not only gives his qualified opinion but also conveys the A.D. Global Solution teaching method, ensuring that it is perfectly assimilated.

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