The Value of our History

The most important aspect of A.D. Global Solution’s heritage is its history. It cannot be improvised, bought or recreated. Born in the nineties, as a training agency in a singular sector, it progressively consolidated its experiences and knowledge of the specific area of interest during the course of the decade.
This process of growth has allowed it to evolve further with the start of the new millennium, amplifying its competences and professionalism to the maximum in order to effectively respond to the majority of a company’s needs.
During the following years our organization has shaped itself in accordance to the requests of the clients, taking on the most suitable form to satisfy their needs.

A.D. Global Solution offers you the value of their history in order to help you construct yours.

The Strength of the Organization

Over the years, A.D. Global Solution was developed with the firm belief that education was a complex process that doesn’t begin and end in the classroom. It goes beyond the classroom to include multiple organizational dimensions, logistics and management operatives.
This is why we can offer a unique and unequal wealth of educational services to our clients in the education scenario.

The international efforts of our organization allow it to adopt the best competences available and make them immediately available as part of the educational offer.
Thus, the educational moment is the final result of an organization that is well-rounded and that works to anticipate every client need, starting from the crucial consultation phase to the educational process.

The Operative Divisions

A.D. Global Solution has sub-divided its large scale expertise and experience accumulated in the years into five macro thematic areas that continually re-calculate the needs most often expressed by our clients. In each one of these macro areas, there is a dedicated operative division.


A.D. Bank&Insurance


A.D. Management


A.D. Languages


A.D. Safety


A.D. Technology

The educational offer for each one of these areas covers the multiple details s of the subject matter. Furthermore, the five divisions work in complete synergy, sharing resources and competences in order to offer the best and most in-depth educational experience possible.

Global Solutions

A.D. Global Solution is committed to extending its activities beyond the Italian confines. Collaboration with partners in diverse nations allows our company to acknowledge new competences and methodology that can be developed and integrated internally into our formative offering. Our organization also carries out our activities abroad, with researched projects that are developed on the basis of cultural, social, economic and productive characteristics of that particular country. This allows us to respond to the needs of every business and to train its resources to operate outside of the country’s boundaries, or simply just to dialogue effectively with countries abroad.

Distinctive Client Base

The list of businesses that have entrusted and continue to entrust in A.D. Global Solution to satisfy their educational needs are a testimony to the value of our offering and the seriousness, trust and expertise of our organization. Our clients are predominantly medium to large businesses belonging to a wide spectrum of productive sectors.

Certification and Accreditation

A.D. Global Solution can boast its company Quality Certification UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 for the sector EA 37, for the various activities they have carried out for the years, specifically in the field of training.
The appointed office, working closely with all its resources, constantly monitors process management and customer satisfaction, making any relevant improvements where necessary.
Our company is not only accredited by the Lombardy Region for its professional services in Instruction and Training, but also by the Joint Inter-Professional Funds. (Fondi Paritetici Interprofessionali)

In the Linguistic field, A.D. Global Solution is an authorized BULATS Agent, capable of carrying out the examinations for the achievement of these language test results.
It is also an authorized Exam Preparation Centre to prepare candidates to take Cambridge examinations, such as BEC (Business English Certificate).


In the IT field, it is an ECDL Test Center authorized by AICA and carries out periodic exam sessions to enable candidates obtain the relevant certificates. It also carries out preparatory courses for passing these examinations.

Exams are held in Milan, Rome and throughout the country, at authorized locations.

Code of Ethics and Model 231

A.D. Global Solution’s Code of Ethics acknowledges the legal relevance and efficient obligations to the ethical principles and to the behavioral standards described, as well as a having a preventive viewpoint with regards to company offences.
The Ethics Code has a fundamental aim to declare and spread its values and regulations of conduct with which the company makes constant reference to in its business life. It specifies the need for loyalty, fairness, equality, diligence and the contribution to guarantee that everyone are put in place to respect the values of confidentiality, transparency, professionalism, as well as the ethics and applicable laws.
Also, with regards to the process involved in the company’s improvement and initiatives directed towards the reinforcement of the fundamental elements, A.D. Global Solution has decided to launch a project aimed towards the preparation of an Organizational Model according to Lombardy Regional Guidelines. The adoption and efficient realization of the Model not only allows the company to benefit from the exemptions expected from D Lgs 231/2001, but improves its Corporate Governance, limiting the risk of committing legal offences.
The scope of the model pertains to the predisposition of an organic and structured system of prevention, deterrence and control, aimed at raising the awareness of the potential offender and the offences, both for those who directly or indirectly operate in the sensitive areas of the activity, thanks to constant monitoring of the activities. This allows the prevention and prompt response to impede the commitment of the offence.

Communications regarding events or conduct considered in contrast to the contents of the Model can be addressed to the following:

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